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Allies Fight Fierce Nazi Counter-Blow,1944/12/20

Published 1944

(1) "Events within Germany leading to the present 'power drive' in the West, shown in captured German newsreels. Theaters are shut down, women are drafted for war work, trolleys tow trucks to save gasoline, robot bombs are launched, and at the front, the Nazi military carries on despite the appearance of American air fleets. Allied cameras show Yank heavy artillery in action, Nazi prisoners are collared, near St. Nazaire, France, an exchange of Allied and Nazi prisoners is effected through the American Red Cross." scenes from captured German newsreels show German preparations for offensive; Nazi tanks roll toward western front, V-1 weapons launched; 15 German divisions of 200,000 sent to attack; Yank artillery opens up on advancing Germans; (2) Rocket Firing Planes - "U.S. Army Air Base, Dover, Dela., A P-47 and a P-38 equipped with wing rockets, dive at 300 m.p.h. and discharge wing rockets at 600 m.p.h. into a Sherman tank, causing heavy destruction." scenes of tests at Dover airfield with rockets fired from P-38 and P-47 fighter planes; (3) Keep 'Em Sailing - "The U.S. Maritime Service needs officers and men from 17 to 50, according to Capt. Harry H. Dreany. Training scenes, loading and convoy scenes give an idea of the scope of the Maritime Service." (4) "Children's greeting - Children from foreign diplomats' families in Washington, D.C. voice their annual season's greetings to the people of the United States." (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: Shandarsrose - - December 4, 2012
Subject: Questions about summer Garb
If you remember, because of the rapid advance of the Allies during the late summer and fall of 1944 as well as logistical/supply problems winter gear had not been issued to most of our men prior to the Ardennes Offensive. I don't know about the authenticity of the footage but our guys fought a winter offensive in summer gear. No one thought hte Germans had this in them. Might be another reason for the lack of winter gear getting to our front line boys. But hey, they had it by Feb. 1945!!!
Reviewer: Paul T Horgan - - October 10, 2010
Subject: Economic with the Actualite?
Interesting footage, but is it authentic?

The Ardennes offensive was conducted in mid-winter, in cloudy weather which I don't think had lifted by December 20. The fighting scenes depicted are showing troops in summer garb, so this may be footage taken during the Battle of Normandy.

The manufactured soundtrack is grating after a while. It may have been entertaining for a news-starved population back in the USA, but as a depiction of history its role is questionable.
Reviewer: speckster - - February 14, 2006
Subject: Very Nice!
Truly enjoyable clip!!
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - - September 14, 2005
Subject: We Wish You a Feliz Navidad!
This WWII newsreel has some interesting captured German footage of places of amusement being closed down and Nazi women being drafted for war work. Following that is footage of Allied troops battling a German counteroffensive. Also included are stories about a rocket-firing plane, an appeal for recruits for the merchant marine, and a cute segment where children of diplomats wish us a Merry Christmas. This is one of the more interesting and lively of the WWII newsreels, giving you a real feel for the war years.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: **. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ****. Overall Rating: ****.
on 5/25/2005